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G.O.Partners supports your business expansion in Japan.

We specialize in business development from market analysis to sales and deal closing processes.

We collaborate with universities, institutions, governmental and local organizations.

Also, we have several our own brands in Japan. Such as HINODE no Ki and HINODE COFFEE.

Please feel free to contact us for more information

We guarantee you successful business expansion in Japan based on your core technologies and services.

We focus on three main sectors

Global business development support

Creation of New Business (Innovation)

Educational field

Ex. Import Finnish educational programs to Japan in cooperation with Finnish universities.

Ex. Drone pilot training program

Ex. Providing English presentation courses

Ex. Global business expansion for semiconductor manufacturers

Ex. Export of Japan's fresh vegetables - agricultural products

Ex. Marketing and distribution of custom-roasted Vietnamese coffee beans

We add value by…

  1. Analyzing clients’ businesses and global market trends. 

  2. Seeking future possibilities(potentials) by integrating advanced technologies. (We have deep knowledge of loT, A.I., Drone, and Automatic systems.)

  3. Connecting clients. We match up start-ups to mature organizations.

  4. Connecting local governments, companies and institutions.

Our Services

Service flow

Global company ⇒ Japanese Market

    Domestic company   ⇒ mainly ASEAN Market

  1. Understanding your technologies and services: create project maps

  2. Market research and strategy set: collaborating with governmental organizations

  3. Build organization structure: consider project resources strategically

  4. Project design: Make a business plan including financial strategy

  5. Start business: business operation, project monitoring, PDCA with clients

Our Brand

We have two main brand in Japan.



Pride of the JAPAN brand that is loved in the world

Premium Roasted Specialty Coffee that made from rich aroma of superior Quality of Mocha and Arabica

Created by World Best Japanese Barista, Premium Roasting Technology with Hazelnut


High Quality of ACACIA Wood, Wooden Kitchen & Home Designed Brand

Designed and Produced by Japanese Wood Processing Craftsman

We adopted Over 30 years of ACACIA Wood from Southeast Asia


Time of the meal with relaxing Wood ~ Natural warmth ~


​About Us



- Anyone who has never made a mistake

has never tried anything new

- High ambition, harmonious with global community


- Creative, Foresight fully, Challenging mind team

Core Competencies

- Global business development support

- Creation of New Business

- Educational business support

(education program trade, drone pilot training and etc.,)


- Partners to be required for global strategy

- Strive to create corporate innovation

- Flexible thinking and create mind set by talented global team

Founder Message

Ginjiro Nishijima
Ginjiro Nishijima
Founder / CEO
Marketing Strategist
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I am an enthusiastic and dedicated person who wishes to further develop my goal at G.O.Partners. I am interested in taking on new challenges and will constantly endeavor to improve my skills and knowledge as I set new goals for

myself to accomplish. Looking forward to work with you and welcome to Fukuoka, Japan.


2007 – 2013 : University of New England, Master in Business

Worked at Sheraton on the park, Sydney as Concierge

2013 – 2015 : PMT Corporation in Fukuoka, Japan

International sales and marketing division (Global expansion and management in ASEAN market)

2015 – 2016 : Regus Japan K.K., Area Manager (Kyushu, Japan)

Regus is a multinational corporation that provides a global workplace.

(listed as London Stock Exchange)

2016 – 2017: Co-Founder of CQV Japan LLC

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Aerodynamic analysis software and VTOL development organization in Japan.

  • Secured earnings line and established cash flow

  • IoT New Product Development Project in Fukuoka, Japan (Obtained subsidies)

  • Land radio engineer’s license

  • Over 10 top media achievement


2017 : Established G.O.Partners (Founder / CEO)


Available Global strategy team and global sales and marketing team.

Qualification requirements:

Those who can always challenge and grow without fear of failure


Place of work: Fukuoka, Japan base / global business trip once in a while

Salary: Based on consideration of experience and ability

Working hours: 9: 00 ~ 18: 00 (Mon -Fri)

Holidays: Saturday / Sunday


We are also looking for an active internship for all students.

Please contact us from the Contact form.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact G.O.Partners.